20 Lug

The more you tighten your grip, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers. All right. Well, take care of yourself, Han. I guess that’s what you’re best at, ain’t it? I call it luck. She must have hidden the plans in the escape pod. Send a detachment down to retrieve them, and see to it personally, Commander. There’ll be no one to stop us this time!

In my experience, there is no such thing as luck. Look, I ain’t in this for your revolution, and I’m not in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money. The Force is strong with this one. I have you now.

Dantooine. They’re on Dantooine. Alderaan? I’m not going to Alderaan. I’ve got to go home. It’s late, I’m in for it as it is. I can’t get involved! I’ve got work to do! It’s not that I like the Empire, I hate it, but there’s nothing I can do about it right now. It’s such a long way from here.

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